Our Team

Dr. Ryan J. Madigan
Dr. Ryan J. MadiganFounder & Co-Director
Lin-Ann Ching, LCSW (CA, NY), LICSW (MA)
Lin-Ann Ching, LCSW (CA, NY), LICSW (MA)Co-Director
Dr. Carl Fleisher
Dr. Carl FleisherCo-Director & Medical Director
Dr. Abigail Alido
Dr. Abigail AlidoLicensed Clinical Psychologist
Lisa Anderson, BS, MA, MFT
Lisa Anderson, BS, MA, MFTLicensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Tess Anderson, NP
Tess Anderson, NPPsychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Danna Bismar, Ph.D
Danna Bismar, Ph.DLicensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Minh-Chau Do
Dr. Minh-Chau DoLicensed Clinical Psychologist
Meredith Davis
Meredith DavisWeb Design & Development
Ashley Flynn, LMHC
Ashley Flynn, LMHCDirector of Operations
Chris Gathman
Dr. Joshua Masse
Dr. Joshua MassePCIT Global Trainer & Consultant
Gabriel McNair
Gabriel McNairPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Molly Mechammil
Dr. Molly MechammilLicensed Clinical Psychologist
Hannah Steinberg, PsyD
Hannah Steinberg, PsyDPsychological Assistant
Kauai Taylor
Kauai TaylorLicensed Clinical Social Worker
Dr. Anne Tootell
Dr. Anne TootellLicensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Kaitlyn Wilbur-Smith
Dr. Kaitlyn Wilbur-SmithDirector of Selective Mutism Treatment and Training