Our Team

Dr. Ryan J. Madigan
Dr. Ryan J. MadiganFounder & Co-Director
Lin-Ann Ching, LCSW (CA), LICSW (MA)
Lin-Ann Ching, LCSW (CA), LICSW (MA) Co-Director
Brinna Durney
Brinna Durney Practice Manager
Ashley Flynn, LMHC
Ashley Flynn, LMHCDirector of Operations
Kimberly Mackay, ACSW
Kimberly Mackay, ACSWStaff Therapist
Dr. Joshua Masse
Dr. Joshua MassePCIT Master Trainer & Consultant
Dr. Elizabeth Ollen
Dr. Elizabeth OllenClinical Psychologist
Dr. Marcus Rodriguez
Dr. Marcus RodriguezClinical Director
Dr. Mina Yadegar
Dr. Mina YadegarDirector of Building Bravery Services & Clinical Psychologist