Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

Our service rates are “fee-for-service” as we do not accept insurance. To ensure that all families are able to afford services at BCSC we offer a sliding scale which is granted on a financial need basis and we provide “insurance-friendly” statements that include many of the service codes and information your insurance company may require for you to submit for out-of-network reimbursement. A number of insurance companies will pay at least a portion of the costs associated with treatment.If you wish to apply for the sliding scale we request that families provide documentation of your total family income, the number of legal dependents that you are financially responsible for and claim on your taxes, and current out-of-pocket monthly mental health expenses. After review of these documents, if a family qualifies we will provide an revised fee for you to review before deciding whether to proceed with services.  It will be helpful to talk to your insurance provider to determine what your family may be eligible for, and what the reimbursement process entails, as we are unable to guarantee that our services or staff will be reimbursed. As such, families should plan/budget assuming services will not be reimbursed and seek sliding scale as needed.

What can I expect in the first appointment?

Potential clients (and for youth, their parents) will meet for an initial consultation with a clinician specializing in the area of need, which may take place over one or more visits depending on your needs and the discretion of the intake clinician. This consultation will aim to determine the nature of the client’s symptoms, concerns, and difficulties; develop a preliminary formulation regarding possible causes of the presenting symptoms; and assess possible fit with BCSC’s services and specific treatment teams. This initial appointment includes a preliminary clinical interview and may also include (if necessary) an additional structured diagnostic assessment for caregivers and the client which may take up to three hours to administer.

What happens after the first appointment?

After the consultation, the intake clinician will provide feedback, propose recommendations for services, describe various treatment options that may best fit the client’s needs and describe what can be expected in treatment and address any concerns or questions you may have. Please note that some services may have a waitlist; if this is the case, we will inform you during the consultation process. Throughout the consultation and subsequent treatment, BCSC encourages you to bring up any questions or concerns you have.

How much does treatment cost?

The initial consultation appointments range in cost depending on the type of services a family requests and whether a family qualifies for a reduced rate on the sliding scale.If you pursue services at BCSC, a fee will be set based on the standard fees applicable to the services and provider(s) you are assigned unless otherwise stated or revised through the sliding scale.

How long will I be in treatment?

This varies from treatment to treatment, and will be reviewed in the feedback from the initial consultation appointment.