We are at an exciting crossroads between innovative psychological treatments and innovative technological advances. While cutting edge research has identified effective mental health treatments for anxiety, mood, and behavioral disorders, few clinicians are trained in these evidence-based treatments.

The limited clinicians who are experts in these treatments are typically centered in large metropolitan areas. This leaves families in suburban and rural areas with a lack of effective treatment options. Telehealth offers a solution to bridge the gap between expert clinicians and families in need.

Telehealth involves the use of web-based communication services to deliver treatment directly in a family’s home and simply requires broadband Internet access. In addition to eliminating geographic barriers to treatment, telehealth provides live coaching in the very environment the problems are occurring.

At BCSC-LA, we are pioneering the expansion of telehealth in the state of California. Services we offer through telehealth include PCIT, individual DBT skills training, and in-vivo exposure coaching.

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