Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological testing is the most sophisticated method of assessing how an individual thinks, learns, and processes information. Testing also helps us to understand how a client’s profile impacts their academic, social, and emotional functioning. The BCSC neuropsychology team will identify “what” diagnoses capture the symptoms you’re experiencing and “why” these symptoms are occurring so that treatment can be tailored to address both the symptoms and causes.

We work with clients with diverse backgrounds and feel that learning about your unique cultural, racial, gender, and neurodiversity identity is integral to understanding your neurocognitive profile. We strive to meet families where they are and welcome learning about how your unique background influences your current presentation.

Assessment focuses on identifying an individual’s:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Academic capability and current performance
  • Learning style
  • Social functioning
  • Emotion regulation abilities
  • Executive function skills

BCSC-LA offers testing for individuals from two years old through adulthood across three main domains. Often, individuals receive testing that combines assessments from each:

Following the neuropsychological assessment, we also offer options for follow-up and aftercare:

To schedule an intake for neuropsychological assessment, please email