DBT/CBT Parent Skills Training group is an important component of DBT for adolescents and young adults. Parents of youth with emotion regulation struggles often report feeling concerned and frustrated by their child’s behavior and unsure how to help. Parent training gives parents the tools and strategies to understand and validate their child’s emotional experience, set limits effectively, and improve communication. Perhaps most importantly, DBT Parent Skills Training teaches parents the same DBT skills of mindfulness, distress tolerance, walking the middle path, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness that their child is learning. Modeling and discussing these skills in the home environment can significantly improve the individual’s ability to generalize their own skills use to these and other environments. DBT Parent Skills Training is typically done through class/group format.

In addition to the group, we also offer individual parent coaching sessions and family therapy sessions. These sessions are designed to help DBT clients and their caregivers apply DBT concepts and skills to complex and specific situations.

To schedule an intake, contact Ashley Flynn at aflynn@bostonchildstudycenter.com or 617-398-0383.