CBIT is a tic reduction strategy that helps an individual gain control over their tic disorder. It starts with psychoeducation about tic disorders to help the individual understand what tics are and why it feels like they are losing control of their body. They then learn strategies to manage tics via two phases.

The first part of CBIT teaches the individual awareness through mindfulness, allowing them to understand the tic itself as well as the experience in their body leading to the tic. The awareness phase is especially important as it helps them learn to predict their tics. The second part of CBIT teaches them to engage in a competing behavior that helps them avoid the tic itself.

CBIT does not cure tic disorders or eliminate tics. Rather, it gives individuals a strategy to help avoid the occurrence of tics at times when it is most important that they exhibit control.

To schedule an intake, contact Ashley Flynn at aflynn@bostonchildstudycenter.com or 617-398-0383.