Biofeedback allows an individual to learn to control their body’s functions using electrical sensors. The sensors provide the individual with information (feedback) on things like heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, temperature, and brain activity. This feedback helps the individual focus on making subtle changes in their body (e.g., relaxing specific muscles), leading to desired outcomes (e.g., reducing tension or pain). Over time, they can learn to use these techniques on their own and at home. Biofeedback increases an individual’s ability to control their body using their thoughts, improving physical well-being and functioning.

In addition to biofeedback, we offer therapeutic services related to medical coping. Examples of medical stressors that may cause an individual to seek therapy include new illness, diagnosis, or injury; chronic illness or acute changes within chronic illness; new or strenuous treatment regimens; hospitalizations; grief and life stress related to medical issues.

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