Dr. Ryan J. Madigan

Dr. Ryan J. Madigan

Founder & Co-Director

Dr. Madigan, who uses he/him pronouns, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in 37 states in the U.S.; Founder and Director of the Boston Child Study Center – Boston, Los Angeles & Portland, Maine; Founder and CEO of Emotion Minds; President, Treasurer, and board member of the Boston Child Study Center Foundation; Board member of the Cole Resource Center; and a clinical advisor for mental health technology companies including, Ayadi Health, CoBe Labs, Mirah, Inc., and Peloton Health.

Dr. Madigan is passionate about addressing the disturbing fact that mental illness continues to increase despite greater evidence-based treatment availability than ever before. He believes this is due to the unethical practices of the managed-care industry, rigid clinical delivery models, and interventions developed on a fundamental misunderstanding about emotions and emotional disorders. As part of his mission to change this recurring pattern, Dr. Madigan founded the Boston Child Study Center (BCSC) and Emotion Minds, Inc. He founded the Boston Child Study Center in 2013 to improve the lives of youth and families by improving treatment outcomes, expanding access to evidence-based treatment, and community education, training, and research. He founded Emotion Minds in 2022 to integrate a transdiagnostic treatment for emotional disorders with technology to improve mental health outcomes and change how we understand emotions and mental illness.

Dr. Madigan earned a master’s and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Rutgers University. He completed his pre-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School/Children’s Hospital Boston and his post-doctoral fellowship at Boston University, Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders. After fellowship, Dr. Madigan joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital, where he co-founded the 3 East DBT Trauma and Exposure Program. Dr. Madigan has taught at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels at Wellesley College, Rutgers University, Boston University, and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Madigan teaches and has published in the areas of suicide and self-harm, trauma, anxiety, depression, somatic and dissociative disorders, disordered eating and substance use, and psychosis. He provides clinical and administrative consultation at the hospital, state, national and international levels. He provides consultation for written and televised media segments regarding mental health and psychology issues. His current research interests include identifying transdiagnostic mechanisms of emotional disorders, developing a transdiagnostic intervention to treat all trauma and emotional disorders, and integrating technology, artificial intelligence, and e-learning to improve mental health outcomes for individuals and families.