Our Response to COVID-19

BCSC recognizes that the introduction of the coronavirus (COVID-19) into our communities has had a substantial impact on the mental health of its members as well as led to the reduction of services in an already strained mental health system. Although our physical offices are closed, BCSC is dedicated to continuing to offer our services remotely as well as take new referrals in all of our programs.

BCSC has offered all of our treatment services via telehealth since our founding in 2013. We continue to offer all of our families each of our comprehensive treatment services in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and ExRP, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and comprehensive DBT and trauma services. Individual therapy, family therapy, parent coaching, and middle school, high school, young adult, and parent skills groups continue to fully operate via-telehealth.

When uncertainty is low and agency is high, we are at our best and we are in a position to actually listen to what fear is trying to tell us and do what we can to avoid a threat to our well-being. Below are some helpful pieces of information we’d like to share to accomplish both, reducing fear and uncertainty while increasing agency needed to help you and your family remain healthy.

1) Understand how coronavirus is transmitted:  Link

2) Understand how to prevent contracting the coronavirus:  Link

3) Reduce Stigma Related to the coronavirus:  Link

For more information about the coronavirus visit the CDC’s website to learn the facts.

We will continue to update this page regularly with information about our services as well as provide resources.