Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based treatment for young children ages 2-7 with emotional and behavioral difficulties. In PCIT, the emphasis is on enhancing the parent-child relationship and teaching caregivers new skills that can help them become better able to provide a positive environment for both the child and the family.

An ultimate goal of this approach is to help change negative behaviors into more positive behavior patterns. In addition, PCIT includes a discipline phase that emphasizes effective and safe techniques that can then be used to help increase positive behavior and address and manage oppositional behavior. PCIT has been researched for over 30 years and has demonstrated significant improvements in oppositional behavior of young age children in addition improving to general family functioning.

PCIT is unique in that children and caregivers are seen together in most sessions and caregivers are coached in practical communication strategies in a “live” format. These strategies can then be generalized to settings outside of session time. Targeted behaviors are measured and graphed over time to highlight the progress being made by both caregivers and children.

The PCIT program at BCSC is directed by Dr. Joshua Masse, one of twenty PCIT International-endorsed Global Trainers. Dr. Masse provides program oversight and training to each of the PCIT clinicians at BCSC. The PCIT Clinic is outfitted with two state-of-the-art suites designed specifically for PCIT.

To schedule an intake, contact Ashley Flynn at or 617-398-0383.