School Consultation Services

A large portion of a youth’s time is spent in a school settings. Schools place demands on an individual’s emotional, social, and cognitive functioning that are meant to help them develop in all of these areas. However, individuals with emotional or neurodevelopmental vulnerabilities often struggle with these demands which can both exacerbate mental health concerns and impede learning.

BCSC offers consultative services to help schools meet the needs of learners with complex learning and mental health based challenges. By integrating the expertise of clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, board-certified behavior analysts, and learning specialists, BCSC offers a unique perspective into how schools can best educate learners with complex needs.

BCSC’s school consultation services are overseen by Dr. Nathan Lambright. Dr. Lambright has overseen the clinical services in special education schools across the country and has unique lens into education for learners with a variety of needs as well as special education law. For more information, contact Dr. Lambright at or (617) 209-9305.